Non-Surgical EyeBag Removal with AGNES

Tired of looking tired?

Eyebags make you look tired and older than you really are. Have you tried all sorts of expensive eye creams on the market but have not had any success? Have you tried age-old remedies of cutting back on salt, sleeping more, using tea bags and cold spoons, yet have not seen any prominent results?

The fact is, eyebags becomes an increasingly prominent problem affecting most women and men today! Some people find that no matter how much sleep they get, watch their diet or improve their lifestyle, nothing works.

There are a multitude of skin care creams on the market, promising to improve wrinkles and reduce eye bags and dark eye circles, but they can only do so much as their reach is limited.

After trying out all the alternatives, you must be ready to go under the knife. But what if you, like most people, are afraid of surgery?

Presenting AGNES, the non-surgical and painless answer for eyebag removal!

What are the causes of eye bags?

An eyebag is a prolonged exposure to gravitational pull of the skin, that may be caused by aging. However, there are many other factors that cause eye bags, such as:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Genes
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Degrading of collagen in the skin

There are 3 types of eye bags conditions:


Mild eyebag fat accumulation under the eyes
Not prominent
Visible only when looking up


Accumulation of eyebag fats in a semi-circle under the eyes
Prominent when looking straight ahead


Large amount of eyebag fat accumulation in a semi-circle under the eyes
Very prominent
Eyes look swollen and tired

In the past, patients had to go under the knife using the cutting method to remove excess skin and excess fat under the eye. The cutting method involves stitching and stitch removal, which carries the risk of scarring.

Now a revolutionary technique for eyebag removal allows for reductions in unwanted eye bags and eye wrinkles, without going under the knife!

Don’t let your self-confidence fade! Get rid of eye bags today without surgery!

Benefits of AGNES EyeBag Removal

Agnes is a non-surgical radiofrequency device that can effectively tighten the skin of your eyelids. It reduces the droopiness of the upper eyelids, crow’s feet and wrinkles as well as improve the overall appearance of the eyes.

  • NO Scars
  • NO Redness
  • NO Incisions

Most importantly, AGNES is safe and effective!

So how does it work?

AGNES makes use of a patented micro-needle, that is as fine as a mosquito sting. It emits radio-frequency energy with precision and is able to selectively target and shrink subcutaneous fat between the skin and before the orbital septum. This results in tightening and firming of the skin around the eye as new collagen is stimulated into forming.

During the treatment, which usually lasts around 20 minutes, a numbing cream is applied around the eye area, followed by anaesthetic jabs. A hand-held device with a needle then delivers heat and RF pierces the skin at controlled depths. This melts the fat and stimulates collagen production.

Cooling gel packs are then placed on the eye area to soothe the skin, which may feel tender and sensitive immediately after treatment.

Forget about carrying extra baggage under your eyes. No more “You look tired!” comments!


When can I see results?

For best results, it takes about 1 or 2 months. However some patients see improvements in as little as the first two weeks.

How long do the effects last?

Effects are expected to last three to five years, and the procedure can be repeated when required

Am I suitable?

AGNES treatment is suitable for patients whose eye concerns are not too serious. AGNES works best in patients where skin laxity and eyebag size is not too big. Even for large eyebags, it is possible to reduce the size of the eyebags, but multiple sessions may be needed.

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