The Faster, Safer, and Less Painful Way To Eliminate Your Acne Problems

Cure acne and scars for good
Achieve a cure for your acne problems with The Clifford Clinic’s individualised acne treatment programme

Acne, in its various forms, from childhood acne to adult onset acne, can be highly variable among patients. At The Clifford Clinic, our Doctors tailor your acne treatment regime to suit you- because each and every patient is different for effective and proven results. Just like acne, acne scars are variable among patients and the recommended treatment will depend on the severity of your scars

Phases in treating acne and scars

PHASE 1 Control Inflammation and Calm The Skin

Controlling inflammation is key with the right combination of medications and skincare especially for comedogenic skin. Lasers are also introduced to eliminate bacteria and reduce skin oiliness.
Congestion, blackheads and whiteheads are removed using Hydrafacial, a medical grade facial, to achieve even better acne control.

PHASE 2 Prevent New Breakouts

One of the latest advancements in acne treatment is AGNES, which selectively ablates sebaceous glands to cure recalcitrant acne.
AGNES is commonly used in Korea and Dr Gerard Ee is the pioneer doctor to introduce AGNES to Singapore.
As the pioneering clinic for AGNES in Singapore, The Clifford Clinic has developed a proven safety record and effective acne protocol.

PHASE 3 Heal The Scars

Treatment of acne scars is also as important as curing acne. Broadly speaking, there are 3 ways to treat acne scars as described below

Pigmented (dark scars)
Laser and a combination of lightening agents are used to gradually lighten these scars without causing any downtime.

Depressed scars
Depressed scars are made shallower using fractional CO2 laser to break down scar fibres, promote collagen regeneration and shrink pores.

Severely depressed acne scars
Such scars benefit from more intense treatments like Infini Fractional Radioquency for faster results.

Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment – Infini:

This is the single best treatment for very deep acne scars. The depth of treatment can be up to 3.5mm deep, and it has the added advantage of lifting the face, making you look younger. This treatment will provide significant improvements to your skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment:

This treatment is ideal for depressed acne scars, and has a depth of up to 1.5mm deep. It will make your skin fairer and give it a radiant glow. It is also a great option for those who are budget conscious.

Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser:

This treatment excels at lightening pigmented and vascular scars. Scars are often purple or brown, but once they are effectively lightened with the laser, the skin looks noticeably clearer with a nice glow and smoothness. It also has the added benefit of having no downtime and induces minimal pain.

Scar lightening peels and creams:

This treatment uses a combination of peels and creams that can lighten scars and promote healing. It also includes the use of Cosmelan to lighten pigmented acne scars.

Subcision and Fillers:

For very deep scars, we use subcision to free the scars deep attachments and add some filler to get an immediate lifting of the scar. But with needle subcision, we use a fine needle that goes under the scar to break up the tight collagen bands under the skin. This option should only be used selectively.

Doctors with over 10 years of experience

The Doctors at the Clifford clinic has over 10 years of experience in aesthetic surgery procedures. Rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have hundreds of patients just like you who came to us, all leaving satisfied and happy with their results.

One Appointment Away From Beauty

Our acne treatment plan involves not only eliminating your acne problems, but also the scarring that comes with it. We invite you to book a consultation with us to discuss how we can remove your acne problems for good. Just imagine a flawless face with no signs of acne or scarring.

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